Classroom Headphone Set
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Classroom Headphone Set - Your Choice of 32

£240.00 - £325.00
£288.00 - £390.00 (Inc VAT)

Crusaders classroom headphone sets are bundled together to make purchasing easier and save you money.

All sets include:

  • 32 sets of Robust Headphone and Microphone with 2 x 3.5mm
  • 32 Cotton Drawstring Bags
  • A storage box to neatly secure your headphones

Robust Headphone and Microphone with 2 x 3.5mm

Extremely robust (virtually unbreakable) headphones with inbuilt microphone.

The ultra durable design includes a steel tensioned headband that can be twisted and bent right back on itself. With a short, fixed microphone cannot be removed so isnt a distraction.

The 2m braided cable helps to prevent it getting damaged from usual classroom use. Discrete volume control on the back of the left earpiece, which isnt easily fiddled with, but allows the user to adjust to a comfortable volume.

The red silicone ear pads are hard to remove but are designed to come off to be washed, they simply slot back in . With 2 x 3.5mm jack plugs for use with PC or laptops.

We also stock a tablet or chromebook version with a 4 pole 3.5mm jack (Our product code PL10016).

Ideal for use in IT suites, computer and foreign language labs, classroom or offices.

Cotton Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bag keeps your headphones tidy and prevents the cables from getting tangled.

Available Versions

CodeHeadphone TypeMPN
S8919Children's Almost Unbreakable (Black - 4 Pole)
S8943Children's Almost Unbreakable (Blue - 4 Pole)
S8991Children's Almost Unbreakable (Red - 4 Pole)
S9039Children's Classic Unbreakable (Purple - 4 Pole)
S9135Reinforced Headphone (Red)
S9159Robust Headphone (MK2 4-Pole Plug)MK2
S9399Over Ear Deluxe (3.5mm Jack)
S9423Robust Headphone (Mk1 2 x 3.5mm)MK1 10015
S9447Children's Almost Unbreakable (Orange - 4 Pole)
S17098Robust Headphone (Mk2 2 x 3.5mm)MK2 S17098
S17099Robust Headphone (Mk2 USB)MK2 S17099