iboss Cybersecurity sector solutions.

Safe Studying

Online protection for education facilities and students.

Modern education facilities need Internet access. Being linked to the World Wide Web offers schools and universities an opportunity to improve connectivity between tutors and students whilst enabling those enrolled in the facilities to conduct research and submit work via online student portals. Education institutions can function, grow and thrive by making positive use of Internet access, but a vigilant eye is required in order for staff members and students to surf the web safely.

While the Internet offers access to a wealth of information from which students and tutors benefit, it is also home to a wide range of unsuitable, dangerous and even criminal content that can cause a great deal of harm. Education facilities are therefore tasked with finding a balance when it comes to web access, allowing freedom to access safe sites while blocking threats and illegal domains.

The Department of Education has issued guidelines and there is legislation to ensure that education facilities are responsible for maintaining a safe yet fully functioning Internet environment. Institutions must abide by these regulations in order to keep everyone under their organisational umbrella protected from illegitimate web content.

iboss Cybersecurity offers educational facilities the means to have freedom of access whilst also adhering to government rules. Our versatile and secure system obstructs and eliminates threats whilst offering students, tutors and any other staff members the opportunity to use the Internet to facilitate their studies and teaching.

The iboss Cybersecurity system supports safe studying for institutions of any size, creating a secure digital environment for everyone.

The iboss Cybersecurity system plays a significant role in assisting educational organisations to comply with the regulations set out by Prevent Duty (UK law). See our dedicated website for more information:

Hazard-free Healthcare

Secure Internet access for hospitals and care homes.

Some workforce members in modern healthcare facilities rely on Internet access. Medical staff, administration teams and support workers all link via the Internet from the moment they start their shifts, using it to record, store, research and access a wide variety of vital information. Patients in healthcare institutions also use the Internet during their stay to keep themselves entertained during a difficult time.

While high-speed Internet access is now considered essential for the daily work of any healthcare facility, this increase in web traffic has been plagued by a rise in cybercrime, with serious digital threats now more prevalent than ever before. Hospitals and care homes possess an enormous amount of data that is particularly appealing to cybercriminals due to its delicate nature, rendering these types of facilities particularly vulnerable to information theft and cyber attacks.

There are few industries that require safe and secure Internet access more than the healthcare sector, and the iboss Cybersecurity system offers much-needed protection for staff and patients whenever they link up to the facility network. Our software and hardware is designed to stifle threats to the network whilst facilitating Internet speeds rather than obstructing them, utilising effective filtering methods to safeguard web users from inadvertently accessing dangerous content.

The government is fully supportive of Wi-Fi access in the healthcare sector and the iboss Cybersecurity system is designed to assist facilities in their day-to-day digital procedures whilst keeping the network fully protected from malware, Trojan horses, worms, viruses and any other intrusions.

With the iboss Cybersecurity system, healthcare facilities can function to the best of their ability without having to worry about cybercrime.

Care for Companies

Defending precious data and enhancing management solutions.

Almost every business in Britain now utilises the Internet in order to manage its day-to-day operations. Smaller companies may use the Internet to help with tasks such as managing inventory, whereas larger corporations depend on digital networks for almost every action they take.

From financial statistics to customer information, businesses are often in possession of data that can prove extremely valuable to cybercriminals. The iboss cybercrime security solution is designed to ensure that the thieves never get hold of this information, offering the highest levels of protection through utilisation of the most advanced defensive software available.

As well as data theft, a business without Internet security measures in place will be vulnerable to:

  • Malware, Trojan horses and various other viruses that can slow business systems and Internet speeds to a crawl.
  • Inappropriate content being downloaded onto company servers.
  • Lawsuits and legal difficulties due to not responding appropriately to protect data.
  • Media scandals and undesired press attention.

Hacking and cybercrime is an ever-increasing issue in the digital world, however, with the iboss Cybersecurity system in place, you can rest assured your business can remain protected from threats and theft, ensuring all your data remains safe and your company can continue to function and operate without disruption.

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