Dimafix - Build Plate Adhesive

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Dimafix - Build Plate Adhesive

The purpose of Dimafix is to make 3D printing an easier and more successful process.

The first layers in the printing process will be fixed with a light spraying of Dimafix on the heated bed as the machine reaches temperatures of 50C. This action avoids unintended effects or warping. Once the printing process is ending and the heated bed temperature is under 50C the adhesion effect disappears and the model can be easily detached. Try Dimafix today - youll never look back

  • Strong bond during printing
  • Suitable for all types of materials
  • Avoid warping
  • Once printed, the piece will detach automatically
  • Easy to clean, the product is water soluble
  • Each 400ml bottle allows more than 100 uses
  • Recommended for printing on heated beds.

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