Learning by Questions (LbQ)

...is an intelligent classroom app. It delivers curriculum-aligned question sets to learners, and provides immediate feedback and automatic marking for teachers.

How LbQ can help you achieve your learning and teaching goals

Masefield Primary School using LbQ - Learning by Questions has many benefits for both the teacher and pupil.

Tablets and Charging Cabinet

  • 1x Class charging & storage cabinet
  • 32x Pupil 7" HD tablets with protective cover
  • 1x Teacher 10" HD tablet with protective cover

£1,100 per year for 3 years, including warranty!

Question Sets with all features

  • Instant feedback for pupils
  • Automatic marking during lessons
  • KS2 & KS3 Maths, English and Science

£200 per user per year, or £500 for 3 years!

FREE, Unlimited, 60 day trial!

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