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Logitech Style Classic keyboard with braided cable

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Logitech Style Classic keyboard with braided cable

  • This wired keyboard is the budget-friendly USB keyboard, built for longer use with its durable keys, sturdy and adjustable tilt-legs with sleek spill-resistant design.
  • Provides a better typing experience thats built to last. Your hands will enjoy the familiar, deep-profile, keys and full-size layout with Function keys and number pad.
  • The USB keyboard connection means no software installation or IT hassles, just simply plug and play straight out of the box.


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Full of bright ideas.

So whats in our interactive whiteboard? Physically, an electromagnetic grid behind a low glare screen. What that means in practice is that the minute you plug into a pc and projector you get a live interactive display area.

(Incidentally, it also means its incredibly tough so you dont have to worry about accidents it will stand a bashing from trolleys, people, furniture or anything else, and just keeps on running.)

Its used for training, briefings, meetings and live discussions. Literally any time you have a group of people in a room and need them to focus on what you have to say. (Or indeed, when you want them to be involved and do the talking.)

Supplied with our battery free, wire-free mouse pen so you can get started straight away.

There are 4 board sizes to choose from (50", 64", 78" and 95" widescreen) depending on your application and room size.


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