VISION Freespace Room Booking Tablet
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Vision Freespace Room Booking Tablet

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Vision Freespace Room Booking Tablet

 VISION Freespace Room Booking Tablet

No licenses. No server software. No limitations. No complexity.

VISION VFS FREESPACE ROOM BOOKING TABLET Mounts on wall outside meeting room and shows bookings for a given room or rooms. If available room can be booked from tablet. Uses Bluetooth to log occupancy of room/s for reporting. Image area on screen for showing scrollable images such as company logo, promotional offers, or other information. Works with Microsoft Exchange Server only. No proprietary setup necessary. Includes 3-year onsite warranty (UK only)

Exchange Server Freespace works with Microsoft Exchange Server and it simply reads and writes calendar information from the server no special setup is necessary. No special software needs to be loaded onto the server. Note: Freespace only works with Exchange Server.

9 Screen Freespace is built on a stripped-down Android tablet platform and comes with software which auto-runs. The device is 8 mm thick and has a 9 (225 mm) screen which shows the detail in a clean, uncluttered interface.

Wall Mount The secure wall mount is included. It is fast to fix and hides the 2 metre long USB power cable.

Occupancy Data Freespace logs nearby Bluetooth devices in the background. It logs the proximity (signal strength), type of device, MAC address, and the length of time it was nearby. With this anonymous data facility managers can build an indicative report to show how many people were in the room and for how long. This XML report is e-mailed once a week to a user-definable e-mail address. Users can cross-reference the MAC addresses to the wifi user report for further analysis.

Book Now A BOOK NOW button will show if the space is unreserved and there is no bookings occurring within the next fifteen minutes.

No-Show Auto-Cancel Option An optional START button will appear fifteen minutes before a meeting is due to start as long as there is no meeting currently in progress. If the START button is not pressed within 15 minutes of the start time it will disappear, and either the booking stays on the server, or it is automatically cancelled freeing up the room depending on what the administrator chooses.


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